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Laser Dentistry Costa Mesa, CA

Laser technology has brought many benefits to the field of dentistry for both dentists and patients. Dentistry At Its Finest uses dental lasers to provide care that is more accurate, less invasive and promotes faster recovery times. Dr. Michael Ayzin uses laser dentistry to address a range of cosmetic and oral health concerns in our Costa Mesa dental office.

Laser Dentistry: what can be treated?

Dr. Ayzin may recommend the use of a dental laser for treating oral health and cosmetic concerns including:

  • Cavity detection: we use the Diagnodent® laser for detecting tooth decay in early stages of development, before it is visible and causing symptoms such as tooth pain. Prompt, conservative treatment and monitoring can help you avoid the loss of tooth structure.
  • Frenectomy: if you or your child has a tongue tie or lip tie, we can perform a frenectomy in the comfort of our office using a laser. This procedure is relatively quick, produces minimal discomfort and the laser will promote natural healing for a faster recovery.
  • Gummy smiles: Dr. Ayzin offers gum contouring to address the appearance of a gummy smile or any abnormalities in the gum line that are impacting the health and beauty of your smile.
  • Tooth decay: in some cases, a dental laser can be used to remove tooth decay. This is often helpful for patients who experience anxiety in the dentist chair that is increased by the sound of the dental drill.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers key benefits for all patients, but especially those who experience dental anxiety or have a fear of needles and dental instruments. Dr. Ayzin can use a laser when appropriate to provide treatment for both soft and hard tissue in the mouth. Laser dentistry is considered minimally invasive and can often provide an alternative to oral surgical procedures for soft tissues. Laser dentistry also:

  • Targets intended tissue with less impact to surrounding teeth or gums.
  • Minimizes bleeding and associated swelling and discomfort.
  • Reduces infection risks due to the sterilizing impact of heat energy on bacteria.
  • Promotes natural healing process for faster recovery times.



Many patients can tolerate laser treatment without anesthesia, further reducing post-treatment recovery. Dr. Ayzin will discuss your concerns prior to any procedure to ensure that on the day of your treatment you are feeling comfortable and confident while visiting with us. Your patient comfort is our top priority.

Laser Dentistry: how does it work?

Performed chair-side, a dental laser uses heat energy to remove tissue that is damaged, decayed or a cosmetic concern. The laser functions like a cutting instrument and the energy generated can vaporize tissue with pinpoint accuracy. Remaining healthy tissue is simultaneously coagulated to reduce bleeding and promote healing.

These before and after images show how a dental laser can address tooth decay without the need for drilling and impacting a larger area of the tooth.

before laser treatment for tooth decay in Costa Mesa CA after laser treatment for tooth decay in Costa Mesa CA