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Dental Concerns we address

Dental concerns can range from minor tooth damage or gum disease to more complex problems such as missing teeth. Restoring the health and stability of your natural smile with appropriate dental care that is personalized to your needs is the key to a successful outcome. Dr. Michael Ayzin has been helping patients restore smiles, address both cosmetic and restorative concerns and maintain gum health for over 25 years. He is committed to providing the highest standard of care for the unique needs of the individual patient using the latest techniques in dentistry.

Dentistry At Its Finest welcomes new patients who have been avoiding the dentist and may be suffering from the effects of poor oral health. Our team offers compassionate dental care in a warm, caring environment and can help you get back to smiling with comfort and confidence. Our office uses advanced technology and the latest treatment options to meet your oral health and cosmetic needs with natural-looking and lasting results.

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Do you have chipped, cracked or damaged teeth?
Dr. Ayzin often recommends tooth bonding or a custom dental crown to address damaged teeth, restoring beauty and strengthening the integrity of the tooth’s structure. If you have teeth that are damaged it is important to schedule a visit with us as soon as possible. Minor chips and cracks can lead to bigger problems if left untreated.

Do you have bleeding or red, swollen gums?
Gums that bleed when brushing, flossing or eating certain foods should be evaluated by Dr. Ayzin as soon as possible. There is a range of reasons for bleeding gums but in most cases, it is an indication of developing gum disease. We offer periodontal therapy for all stages of gum disease and emphasize the importance of gum health through our preventive dental care program.

Do you have crooked teeth or bite problems?
Orthodontics, including Invisalign for Adults and oral appliances, can straighten your smile and balance your bite. We offer complete orthodontics for children and adults in the Orange County area and can improve your oral health with a personalized treatment plan. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ayzin to discuss your needs and learn more about the benefits of orthodontics- it is never too late to straighten your smile.

Do you have teeth that are missing?
One or more missing teeth can have a wide-ranging impact on your oral and overall health and wellness. In addition to the development of more complex dental problems, missing teeth can diminish your ability to speak clearly, eat comfortably and feel confident when smiling. Dr. Ayzin provides complete tooth replacement dental services under one roof including all types of dental implants.

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Are you ready to address your dental concerns and get back to smiling with confidence? Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ayzin. We welcome new patients from many communities in Orange County and offer personalized dental care for your specific needs. Call our office at 714.540.5511 or request an appointment online.