About Wakeham Park, Costa Mesa, CA

This park is enormous and well concealed in Costa Mesa. There are only a few entrances that lead there. A playground, various outside covered areas with BBQ grills, a wide grassy field, and a basketball court are all included. Parking is available on the perimeter. (Image Source: Way Marking)

Wakeham Park was named after Hubert Henry Wakeham, the founder of one of Costa Mesa’s oldest families. In 1870, Wakeham bought 208 acres in what would become Costa Mesa, and members of the Wakeham family still live in the city today. Wakeham Park is slightly south of where the initial Wakeham land purchase was made. Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 3400 Smalley Street Amenities in Wakeham Park are Ten Acreage shelters, three restrooms, and one picnic table. Barbecues for a total of 12 people and there are six drinking fountains. Playgrounds and 12 Workout Zones. 1 Basketball Court and 2 Volleyball Courts. (Source: Costa Mesa City of Arts)


Dentistry at Its Finest is nearby. Other fun things to do: Lyon Air Museum



Wakeham Park

3400 Smalley Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Head north toward Smalley Rd
128 ft
Turn right toward Smalley Rd
95 ft
Turn right onto Smalley Rd
0.3 mi
Turn right onto W Sunflower Ave
0.5 mi
Turn right onto Bear St
1.5 mi
Turn right onto Bristol St
0.4 mi
Turn right
Destination will be on the left
157 ft
Drive to your Destination – Dentistry At Its Finest
Dentistry At Its Finest