Sedation dentistry for Dental Procedures

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Sedation Dentistry Costa MesaHaving second thoughts about going to the dentist to get your teeth checked out? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Many patients are anxious to go to the dentist even during emergency situations like removing a tooth. It could be because of the sound the dental equipment makes or the pain that they encounter or traumatic experience. But, you don’t need to worry about getting oral care thanks to sedation dentistry.


What Is It?

Sedation dentistry is actually a combination of methods. The main idea is to keep the patient relaxed during a dental procedure so that the doctor is free to work on the patient’s mouth. Conscious sedation makes the patient feel completely at ease. The patient will still be able to answer when the dentist asks questions. Sleep dentistry puts the patient in a sleep-like state. This requires constant monitoring of the patient’s heart rate. It will also have an assisted breathing administered by the anesthesiologist.


What Types Are There?

Laughing Gas – It is safe, and it works quickly. It can be adjusted based on the person’s tolerance, non-allergic and can easily be reversed. With this type of sedation, the patient is fully conscious. He or She can answer if the doctort asks a question and can respond to requests. It is sometimes used along with other forms of sedatives.

IV Conscious Sedation – This type is used to calm a patient and reduce discomfort. The dentist will use a medication that will go directly to the patient’s bloodstream. After that, the patient will experience a deep sense of relaxation. Some patients can even fall asleep, but they will not be unconscious and their reflexes remain responsive. Patients won’t feel nervous while undergoing an oral procedure. They won’t recall much or anything of the treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation – This is usually used to calm a patient’s anxiety, this type comes in a pill or liquid form. It is taken by the patient orally before the scheduled treatment. This type causes drowsiness similar to the effects of the IV one. Patients sometimes doze off after taking the medication. However, the good news is that patients won’t feel nervous during the procedure. They may not even recall much about the treatment afterward.

Anesthesia Wand – Patients are administered with anesthesia injection but it is computer controlled. It is administered to the patient using a pen-like device. This is recommended for patients who have phobias with a needle. It is also recommended to those who have a severe case of anxiety over dental treatments. Before the needle is inserted to the patient, the computer will administer a small amount of anesthetic to the patient. The area where the anesthesia is to be injected is already numb before insertion. This entire procedure is virtually painless. After that, the computer will deliver an accurate and consistent amount of anesthesia. The computer adjusts the amount based on various factors such as tissue density and where it is administered.


Sleep Dentistry

General Anesthesia – With this method, they will use medications that are injected directly to the patient’s bloodstream. This will cause the patient to become unconscious and be sleeping for the entire dental procedure. They use this method along with gaseous anesthetic. Under general anesthesia, the patient won’t remember anything that happens because they are unconscious. It will take some time before the patient will be able to leave the office as the anesthesia will need to wear off first.


Who Can Benefit

Patients who experience the following are excellent candidates:

  • Dental Anxiety
  • Phobias of dentists, blood, needles, or dental equipment
  • Dental problems that need surgery or prolonged treatment
  • Patients with a poor gag reflex
  • Patients who have a physical disability or those with special needs
  • Patients who have low pain tolerance
  • Anxiety and discomfort with the patient’s personal space.



Costa Mesa Anxiety Free DentistryPatients who have a hard time receiving dental work due to anxiety will feel anxiety-free and comfortable.

The patient will have all the dental work completed in a single appointment unlike without sedation where a patient will require several appointments. The patient will feel more comfortable and the dentist more confident in performing even the most extensive dental work.

Younger patients will have a solid foundation when it comes to proper oral hygiene. They will not be scared or be anxious when going for a dental visit.

Patients won’t have any traumatic experience that would prevent them from going to the dentist. When patients are under sedation, they won’t recall anything about the procedure.


Suitable Candidates

Before undergoing these methods, the dentist will have to review and evaluate the patient’s health. They will take a thorough review of the patient’s physical condition and medical history. There are some medical conditions like diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension, etc. that would need medical clearance from the physician before the they will perform a treatment. Some of these methods have adverse effects that gradually wear out. In such a case, the dentist would need the patient to accompany them to drive them home.


Sedation Dentistry in Costa Mesa, Orange County

Are you feeling anxious about your dental care all the time? This shouldn’t be the case as this restricts you from getting an excellent oral treatment to bring back your beautiful smile. We have caring and gentle professionals that knows and understands how to effectively care for their patients. Visit our dental office or contact us to set up an appointment. We are in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA.