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Partial Dental Prosthetics for Missing Teeth in One Day

Costa Mesa Partial DenturesYour teeth are just as important as the rest of your body. They are essential to eating, smiling, and speaking. Without them, you can experience pain, low self-confidence, and even embarrassment.

There are so many things that can cause you to lose your teeth. Some of the most common reasons include accident, diseases, extraction, and poor oral health.

Taking out single tooth or multiple ones can create gums which can look unpleasant and awkward. This is why we have highly skilled dentists to offer you solutions, like bridges and dentures.

Dental Prosthetics can either be semi or complete. This will depend on the number of missing teeth you have or the number of the ones that requires replacement. With a partial denture, you’ll be able to eat and smile normally. It will allow you to retain the natural contours of your face, minimize gum diseases, and prevent the teeth from shifting. Same day partial dentures can also help relieve too much stress on your jaw.

Dental Prosthetics are generally installed on a metallic framework to fill in any gap. For aesthetic purposes, they can be made with a gum-colored plastic or designed to be flexible. There are minimal risks that they’ll fall out since they can get support from nearby teeth. They can also be supported by wire clasps or by creating attachments to the crown of the adjacent ones.

If your fixture has wire clasps, you can remove it for cleaning or other reasons. If the dentures are fixed, you may need to be thorough when cleaning your teeth as you can’t remove them. In case you choose fixtures made from acrylic, check if it has the same color as your remaining set.


Partials vs. Traditional

Partial Dentures Orange CountyEach type of dentures has different purposes. Below are their main differences:

  • Traditional Completes are generally recommended for patients without most of their teeth in their jaws. If there’s only the need to replace two or three consecutive ones, a partial set may be enough.
  • Partials work best if the patient still has his set of natural ones. Because of that, it’s ideal for patients with a few missing teeth. For full sets, the dentist may need to extract any remaining ones in the jaw.
  • You can get either a removable or fixed dentures. When dentures are fixed, they are called dental bridges and typically supported by implants. Complete dentures, on the other hand, can be removed.
  • Partials cost less than full sets.
  • Traditional prosthetics are less stable since they rely solely on the soft tissues and the jaw bones for retention. Semi prosthetics, on the other hand, is more stable since they are supported by the nearby teeth.


Different Types of Material for Removable Teeth

Removable partials vary depending on the materials used to create them. As for comfort and aesthetics, you and your dentist should discuss which type to go for. Below are some of the most common types of partials:

  • Cast Metal Removable – The most common type, this one offers strength and durability. It’s typically attached to adjacent teeth with metallic wire clasps. If you want something more aesthetically pleasing, you’ll need to be willing to pay for a higher price. It can last for a really long time as long as it’s properly taken care of.
  • Acrylic Removable – This is the most affordable type. Called the “flipper”, this is attached to the adjacent teeth with metal clasps. Take note that the clasps may be visible when eating or drinking which makes it less ideal when it comes to aesthetics. Generally, it’s used as a temporary solution while the actual set is being prepared. Despite that, you can still use it for several years.
  • Flexible – A flexible set is ideal for people who don’t feel comfortable wearing a set with a rigid base. It’s thinner and designed with flexible nylon material. Its clasps are designed with gum colored wires which run in between the spaces of the teeth. With that, you can expect this type to be more comfortable and natural-looking.
  • Fixed Bridge – This set has artificial ones and a crown placed on adjacent teeth for support. The teeth that will be used as support will need to be trimmed to make sure that the crowns will fit. It is permanent so it can be cleaned and maintained just like your regular set of healthy teeth. It works best for the front teeth. If you require a fixed bridge for your back molars, your dentist may need to use a cantilever bridge for extra support.
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge – Unlike the previous type, this one doesn’t need the adjacent teeth to be trimmed down. It acts like the natural roots of your teeth. The implants are installed and screwed into the jaw bone with the correct location and angulation so that the full mouth restoration will look great. That is one good reason why a lot of people consider getting it despite being expensive.

For us, you should highly consider getting either an implant supported removable or a fixed one. They aren’t just durable, but they are also comfortable and natural-looking. In our clinic, we’ll help you decide whether Implant supported dentures or dentures are the best type for you and your case. 


Our Experienced Dentists Will Help You With Your New Set of New Teeth

If not correctly fitted and made, your artificial set can be your worst nightmare. It can cause discomfort, low self-esteem, and social embarrassment.

Also, according to “Denture use is associated with lower chances of musculoskeletal frailty among older Americans.”. Because of that, it’s really important to get an experienced dentist to help you out in picking your new set of immediate dentures. He will be able to provide you with options you can consider based on your needs, comfort, and budget. Additionally, we’ll assist you and help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding replacements without the need to undergo any major surgery or multiple extractions. We’ll assist you from consultation to the actual procedure and after-care of your new set of teeth.


Partials in Costa Mesa, Orange County Office

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