Gentle Painless Dentist Visit with WaterLase

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Painless dentistry using WaterLase is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. WaterLase uses a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. WaterLase allows us to perform a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • Faster healing time and less trauma to teeth and gums.
  • Less anesthetic for most procedures.
  • Treating dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit.
  • Making dental care a more relaxing experience for you.


The Benefits of Painless Dentistry

  • MORE COMFORTABLE – WaterLase dentistry uses laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill. With many procedures, it’s possible to use less anesthetic, or no anesthetic at all.
  • MORE CONVENIENT – We can often get you in and out of the dentist chair faster, since it’s less likely that you’ll need an injection. It’s nice to avoid that shot, isn’t it?
  • SAVE TIME – Not using anesthetic can allow your dentist to perform procedures that used to require more than one visit in a single appointment. Also, a WaterLase dentist can perform procedures that once meant an additional trip to a specialist, saving you even more time.
  • MORE PRECISE – A WaterLase dentist can remove decay far more precisely than the drill. This saves more of the healthy parts of your tooth and avoids micro-fractures that the friction of a drill can cause.

Saving your natural teeth can save you the discomfort and cost of bridges, dentures and implants. Even better, studies show people with natural teeth live longer.


What Can WaterLase Painless Dentistry Do?

We may use WaterLase dentistry laser to treat your gums or other soft tissue in your mouth to:

  • IMPROVE YOUR SMILE – We may suggest contouring or shaping your gums using WaterLase dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile – safely removing excess gum tissue that may give you a “gummy” smile, or make your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.
  • REMOVE ORAL GROWTHS – Quickly and safely remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth including gum tissue over an unerupted tooth, small “tags” called papilla, and growths called fibromas.
  • FIX A “TONGUE TIE” OR PREVENT GUM RECESSION – Connections that restrict the movement of your tongue or cause your gums to recede can be “released” with less post-operative pain.
  • TREAT PERIODONTAL DISEASE – We recommend using WaterLase dentistry to remove debris and bacteria between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of teeth. For moderate to severe gum disease, ask your doctor about REPAIR minimally invasive periodontal treatment.


Serving Our Costa Mesa, Orange County Community

Interested in hearing more about how we use minimally invasive WaterLase in our dental procedures? Make an appointment in our OC office. Dr. Michael Ayzin, DDS and our caring staff look forward to answering all of your questions about this or other treatments available to make your smile your best. We are located in Costa Mesa, CA in the beautiful community of Orange County, California. Continue reading about our other services we offer. Contact us today to find out if pain-free dentistry is right for you.


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