Traditional Braces

A set of teeth that is clean and healthy is important for living a happy and comfortable life. A good set of teeth can help you in eating and also speaking correctly. Having a great set of teeth can also affect the way you smile and converse with people regardless of your age.  However, not all people have a healthy set of teeth. Some people have teeth that are misaligned, naturally crooked and some have gaps in between. These problems could affect how you socialize with people, how you smile and how to speak in a proper manner. You don’t have to live with having a misaligned or crooked tooth. Our team of dental professionals can help transform your teeth into a proper and more attractive one through the help of metallic braces.

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When and Why are Braces Needed?

bracesBraces help in aligning your teeth and fix cross-bites, under-bites, and even close the gaps between the teeth. It is common for a patient to wear braces, but for children, particularly those with a severe case of abnormal bites, a headgear is recommended. The headgear modifies the growth pattern of the jaws and the child’s face.


Traditional Braces

Dentists use metallic braces to fix common orthodontic issues. The braces that are used are made of high-quality stainless steel alloy that are secured to the teeth using a special adhesive and cement. The braces have specific slots which lets the arch-wire to pass through. The arch-wire is then turned and fastened to the brackets through the use of rubber or elastic tiles.

Advantage – braces provide excellent control when the orthodontist is aligning and shifting the teeth. These braces are excellent for treating orthodontic cases that are severe and that there are no more orthodontic treatments available.

Disadvantage – The most evident is that the metallic appearance of the braces is very visible. There is also a high chance of getting the patient’s soft tissue injured particularly when the patient suffers from a trauma or collisions.


Length of Treatment

The length of time in which the patient wears the braces depends on the condition of the patient, and the patient’s age.  On average, the patient has to wear the braces for up to three years. After installation, it is normal for the patient to feel a slight discomfort. The pain will eventually be gone after the first week of the orthodontic treatment.

The tension on the archwire will decrease as the teeth are aligned. This is the reason dentists will increase the tension of the wire so that the teeth are straightened. The adjustment schedule is appointed by the dentist and is performed on a regular basis.



The restrictions include the duration of the time the braces have to be worn, eating after the braces are installed and the number of scheduled appointments the patient is required to attend. Checkout Invisalign Clear Braces.


Taking Care of Your Braces

It is essential to take good care of your braces after placed on your teeth. Here are some things you can do:

  • Oral Hygiene – Food particles normally stick in between the braces, and under the archwire. This can cause gum infection and cavities particularly if you skip your regular oral hygiene. Orthodontists advise that you use interdental toothbrushes. The bristles of these types of brushes are able to reach the spaces around the braces more effectively than an ordinary brush would.
  • Diet – Avoid eating foods that are hard or sticky. These types of foods can dislodge the wire and the brackets of the braces.
  • Using Mouthguard – For patients who do contact sports, a mouthguard is essential. Mouthguards will help avoid injury to the patient’s oral soft tissues.
  • Follow-up Appointments – It is important to attend to follow-up appointments as not attending will evidently delay the treatment. Make sure to consult your hygienist on a bi-annual basis.


Metal Braces in Orange County

If you or your child needs braces, you can easily make an appointment at our Costa Mesa, OC office. We will be able to give you the best solution for your individual case. Our dental professionals and doctors will ensure that all your queries are answered and that you will be satisfied with your decision. We are located just a few miles from Irvine, in beautiful Orange County, California.