Orthodontics – Braces for Teens & Adults

Having a healthy set of teeth offers so many benefits. In addition to helping you talk and eat without problems, it also enables you to be more confident when you are socializing with other people. The problem, however, is that not everyone is born to possess a perfect set of teeth. There are people who have crooked and misaligned teeth. Others have uneven spaces in between their teeth.

If you are one of those people, you’d know how hard it is to smile with confidence. Your smile can make you shy away from other people and even your friends.

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Fortunately, you don’t really have to spend your entire life hiding and avoiding people. In our dental clinic, we have a highly trained team of doctors that’ll work hard to give you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. And you don’t have to worry about the cost or quality of results you’ll get, as all of the procedures we offer are reasonably priced.


When and Why are Braces Required?

For minor underbites, close gaps between teeth, crossbites, and even overbites, braces make the perfect solution. For young patients, however, a headgear may be prescribed. It offers a good solution to abnormal bites as it also helps alter the way the bones of the face and jaws grow.


How Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces are a bit different from the usual braces. They are made from translucent ceramic with their backbone being the arch wire that runs along the teeth. Made of strong steel wire, it exerts just the right pressure on your teeth. It puts pressure through the brackets placed on each individual tooth.

Now, those brackets are attached to the teeth either with orthodontic bands or by directly bonding them. To create just the right space in between teeth, spacers are typically used.

For patients who aren’t into wearing stainless-steel wires, they have the option to choose colored or frosted wires. For teens as well as adults, we offer Invisalign.

To know more about your options, below are the types of braces we offer:

  • Invisalign Clear Braces – This type is a great option if you don’t want to wear braces on your teeth. Instead of wires and brackets, Invisalign Clear Braces are clear plastic aligners you can wear on your upper and lower jaw. Despite being removable, they can withstand the force your teeth exerts on them so you won’t have to worry about them getting deformed. Every two weeks, patients are given a new set of aligners. They are supposed to wear the replacements until their teeth become straight. To prevent shifting, patients will have to wear their final aligners for a couple of months.
  • Ceramic Invisible Braces – We also offer ceramic clear braces. This type has tooth-colored brackets and bands as well as an arch wire. You can get one that matches the color of your teeth to get a more natural look. For teens and adolescents, we have available colored bands. The metallic archwire, on the other hand, is also coated with a material that matches the teeth’s color. This type is great for people who value aesthetics.

    • Pros  – Looks appealing.
    • Cons – They may not work as well as traditional metal braces in aligning and moving the teeth. Apart from that, they also tend to cost more. And if the patient’s hygiene isn’t great, ceramic braces can easily get stained.


Aligners for Adolescent Patients

Previously, aligners were not advised for patients of growing age. This is because they can interfere with the eruption of their new teeth, creating problems with dentition. As the demand for kids’ aligners increase, however, aligners with breakable tabs were introduced. They are designed to accommodate the eruption of new teeth while the patients are still wearing such aligners.

  • Pros – They are less visible to others. You can remove them whenever you’ll be eating so you won’t have problems maintaining your dental health.
  • Cons – They may not be as effective as the traditional braces as they can’t be used to correct complex orthodontic issues. They are also more expensive than most orthodontic treatments.


Traditional Metal Braces

Metallic braces are considered to be the very first orthodontic treatment option to be introduced in the field of dentistry. These braces are attached to the patient’s teeth with a special adhesive cement. Made from stainless steel alloys, they have these slots through which the archwire passes through. The said archwire is then attached to the brackets using rubber elastics.

  • Pros  – They give orthodontists better control when it comes to aligning and moving teeth. This makes them highly effective in correcting extreme orthodontic problems that may not respond well to other orthodontic treatment options.
  • Cons – The most obvious inconvenience of this type of brace is the way it looks. They aren’t aesthetically pleasing and they have this tendency to cause injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Find more about Traditional Braces.


Duration of Treatment

The length of time you’ll be wearing your braces will depend on how severe your case is. It will also be dependent on your age.

In general, however, patients may be required to wear braces for about 2 to 3 years. Initially, patients can expect a bit of pain and discomfort right after their braces are installed. After a few weeks, the pain usually subsides.

As your teeth aligns, the tension that the arch wire causes is reduced. This is the reason why you need to get your braces adjusted routinely.


Orthodontic Retainers

For young patients, dentists usually recommend the use of a retainer up to 6 months following the removal of braces. These retainers are typically clear and they are designed to prevent the teeth from going back to their original position once the pressure from the braces are removed.



There are very few factors that can limit the use of braces. The list includes the time a patient has to wear them, the number of times he needs to see his dentist as well as limitations when it comes to eating.


Caring for Longevity

Like most orthodontic treatment options, you need to take care of the following to ensure the best results:

  • Take care of your oral hygiene – Braces can easily trap food particles and that can easily cause gum problems and cavities. Because of that, dentists highly recommend the use of inter-dental toothbrushes. Those brushes have really fine bristles that enables one to get to the most difficult areas of the braces for cleaning and removing calculus deposits and plaque.
  • Look after the food you eat – While you are wearing braces, it’s best to avoid foods that are sticky and hard to eat. They can easily damage and dislodge your braces, reducing the pressure they exert to align your teeth.
  • Use a mouth guard – For patients who wear braces and active in contact sports, mouth guards are generally recommended. They can prevent injury as well as reduce the trauma their activity creates.
  • Stick to dental visits – Not sticking with your scheduled appointments can lengthen the time you have to wear your braces. Apart from that, scheduled dental visits are also important in making sure your teeth get cleaned at least twice a year.


Orthodontics in Costa Mesa, Orange County

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