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When it comes to replacing single or multiple teeth, dental prosthesis makes a great solution. It’s not as invasive or expensive as dental implants. Apart from that, it’s also comfortable to use. It functions and looks just like normal teeth so you won’t have to worry about looking or feeling awkward when eating, talking or smiling. If you have any concerns or questions about getting dental prosthesis, we’ll address them thoroughly for you.


Complete Immediate Dentures

To replace a full set of teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, consider getting full or complete dentures. For the procedure, your dentist will extract any remaining teeth as necessary before you are fitted for the fixture. This is to make sure that your set will be comfortable and will provide as less dietary restrictions as possible. We’ll also make sure that your prosthetics can minimize bone loss.


Partials Same Day Dentures

For single tooth or multiple missing ones, a partial denture may be recommended. It’s a type of artificial device that’s designed with a gum-colored base and artificial teeth. Depending on the location, the teeth may be linked together by a metal frame.

Partials are recommended to replace the missing ones. They are designed to make sure that the remaining ones don’t move and create gaps as that can cause a variety of oral health issues. To know more about same day partial dentures and the things you need to consider before getting one, you can check out our partial dentures.


Dentures in a Day in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

Our clinic doesn’t only work hard in giving our clients the best dental services but the best and healthiest smile, too. We know what it’s like to get a set of dentures that don’t fit well or uncomfortable to wear. Apart from irritation, they can also slip out and cause embarrassment, particularly when you’re out in public. Our team of highly-trained and skilled dentists, with the use of our advanced facility, will make sure you get the best low cost denture set that can provide you with your best natural smile.

We focus our services in Costa Mesa, Orange County, OC, CA and treat our patients as our family. With that, you can expect not just the best services but also a really relaxing environment.