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Dental Bridges Costa Mesa Orange CountyWe sense a feeling of pride when offering attractive dental bridges to our esteemed patients in order to replace any or all of their missing teeth. Our offerings make their new teeth appear and feel just like the natural ones in their mouth. They are considered as durable as well as a reliable option for replacing original teeth but they need to be cared for appropriately if you want them to perform correctly while also lasting for a long time. Learning what they are and their functioning is essential to understand.


What Are Dental Bridges?

They are implanted dental appliances that are used to replace natural teeth which are missing by obtaining support from the healthy ones neighboring on either side of the gap. Teeth which support the bridge are identified as abutment whereas the ones that fill the gap are identified as pontics. Unlike traditional dentures which can be removed bridges remain attached to the ones and only be extracted by the dentist whenever needed.


How Are Dental Bridges Prepared at Dentistry @ It’s Finest?

Our fundamental focus is to present you with high-quality and aesthetically pleasing bridges. The preparation of bridges at our Southern California office is carried out in the steps mentioned below.

Clinical Evaluation — before beginning the process our dentist Main_docname will initially perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth along with your oral cavity. We will also view your x-rays to evaluate the status of your abutment teeth as well as for assessing the character of the underlying jawbone. This procedure is undertaken to prepare a comprehensive plan for the treatment to restore the missing teeth. Simultaneously we also determine your eligibility to get dental bridges during the clinical examination.

Teeth Preparation — the abutment teeth on both sides of your jaw support the bridge. They are prepared by insignificantly removing the tooth structure. They are shaped appropriately to ensure the inner surface of the them matches suitably on them.

Making Impressions — we make impressions of your freshly prepared teeth and forward the same to the laboratory. Our technicians at the lab will use the impressions to prepare a metallic or porcelain framework of the bridge. In order to improve aesthetics, the possibilities of providing a layer of porcelain over the metal framework also exist.

Attaching the Bridge To the Teeth — after preparation they are returned from the laboratory we will try them on you before cementing them. After we are satisfied with the aesthetics and the fittings it will permanently be attached to your teeth with the help of an adhesive cement.


What Are The Benefits?

Superior aesthetics — removable dentures are susceptible to staining and can lose their aesthetics within a short time. On the other hand, the highly aesthetic teeth bridges provided by us will restore your facial aesthetics and give you a purpose for smiling.

Durability — the structure of them is prepared by using powerful dental alloys. Therefore they can maintain their functionality even after a decade. In comparison, removable dentures generally do not last for more than a couple of years.

Convenience — removable dentures have a major drawback. They are incapable of restoring speech capability and chewing. The bridges, on the other hand, remain fixed on the teeth allowing you the ability to speak easily and having your food just as you were having it with your natural ones.

Minimal Need For Repair — Repairing and replacing removable dentures frequently is a common problem. They are fabricated from durable and robust dental alloys which eliminate the need for repairs or replacements frequently like removable dentures.

Eating the Food You Prefer — the insufficient chewing ability provided by removable dentures make it difficult for you to have foods that require enhanced masticatory forces like chicken, meat, Etc. As teeth are fixed directly to your teeth you will have the ability to use your teeth bridges to enjoy all your favorite foods which you had to stay away from because of removable dentures.


  As bridges are attached to your teeth the chances of food particles getting embedded beneath them are high. Therefore special attention needs to be paid to them to ensure their longevity and clinical success. We recommend our patients to care for their them in the following manner:

Strict Oral Hygiene — failure to maintain optimum oral hygiene around the bridges can result in the development of periodontal problems. The resultant effects will cause pain in the abutment teeth which supports it and cause it to loosen because of bone absorption. This would ultimately result in clinical failure of the prosthesis. Regular oral hygiene measures undertaken must include the following.

Brushing — ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. This will remove the food and bacterial debris beneath them completely at the end of the night. Brushing beneath the bridges can become difficult in certain cases because the space available for the brush to penetrate and clean the area thoroughly is insufficient. Patients encountering such problems are recommended to use an interdental toothbrush which is specially designed. 

Flossing — flossing for at least once a day will assist in maintaining optimal oral hygiene around the fixed denture. Our expert dental hygienists will supervise you through the process ensuring that you pick up the correct method of flossing between your teeth.

Mouthwash — using the recommended quantity of mouthwash every day is another highly effective method of taking care of oral hygiene. Any mouthwash available on the market can be used for this purpose. At the same time, your dentist may recommend a medicated mouth wash if you are at a higher risk of developing problems with your gums.


Dental Bridges in Costa Mesa, Orange County Community

Bridges possess various benefits over traditional removable dentures despite the higher costs that are involved. If you are looking for a long-term replacement. Our office in Costa Mesa, OC, CA. We take the needs of our patients as priority and it is a reason why we are acknowledged as the best oral practice in town! We accept PPO insurance as well as patients with no insurance.