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When a person has damaged teeth, there are several negative impact that it presents.  Aside from the person’s facial aesthetics being totally damaged, the idea of not having healthy oral health is just literally unimaginable. With this fact, we would like to say that our clinic and our staff is here to ensure that you can get either a partial or complete dentures that will bring you the same enjoyment in your day to day lives.  If you are interested in making this happen, you may read through our whole article for more details.


Immediate Full Set Dentures

When almost all of a person’s teeth are impacted or very little remains good, then it is advisable that a person gets a complete or full denture.  This is the most beneficial type of denture to get to ensure that you are almost back to the full function of your teeth once these dentures are put in place.


 What are they?

When we say full set or complete dentures, it means that the denture created is consists of a set of false teeth that is usually 14 pieces.  They are placed on a gum colored acrylic base which is then placed on a person’s gums.

With this description of how full sets work it then means that the denture needs to fit properly to avoid any irritation on the person’s flesh and at the same time to keep it in place and steady when proper suction happens.



We all know that before the actual process of placing the final dentures, there has to be preparations made.  For both full sets and partial, there are impressions taken by the dentists and these impressions are sent to the laboratory for the creation.  Once completed there will be a testing done by the dentist and the patient to make sure that the size, fit and color are all good. If adjustments will need to be made then the sample will be returned back to the lab for changes and the fitted again with the patient.


How to Care for your New Teeth?

Once you have your new complete set it is a must that you know how to properly take care of them. First thing that you need to be aware of is that this has to be cleaned regularly.  Removal of the dentures is needed during cleaning which should happen everytime, after eating and before actually putting it back on.

During the night, the dentures should also be removed and soaked into its special solution to keep it moist as not doing so will impact its texture and even the size.  The typical lifetime should be around 7 years but several realigning might be possible when your gums start to undergo the process of resorption.


Are there any limitations?

At the end of the day, these are still artificial teeth which means that it cannot act and be like the real thing.   They will always have limitations related to them and examples of which are the possible drops and loose fitting.

So given these limitations, what are your options?

Understanding the answer to this question will give you a better idea of what to choose for your denture.  Note that for each type there are benefits and disadvantages associated with it and it will be up to you and your dentist to choose the best one based on your needs.

  • Removable Partials – if you are looking into replacing just one or two teeth that are adjacent then this is the most obvious option to take.  With this type a clasps at both ends are connecting the false teeth to the original ones for support.
  • Flexible – in this option, the parts of the it are both removable and flexible giving you less irritation on your gums when used.
  • Fixed bridges – If you do not want to use clasps in your dentures then fixed bridges are the way to go.  These are permanently attached to your crowns which will then secure and provide the best support.
  • Full conventional Sets – When majority  of the teeth are to be replaced then full conventional sets is the commonly used  option. Through this option, the denture is kept in place through the suction done by it against the flesh of your gums.


Service without pulling teeth

If you are a person who doesn’t want to go for any tooth extraction while still managing to have a complete set of teeth, there are still other options for you.  There is a process root canal which will keep you from removing any teeth and at the same time keep you from having your current ones infected or inflamed.


Dentures With Snaps

This option is commonly done if what you want are dentures with snaps.  Instead of a ceramic base continuously sucking onto your gums, these dentures are attached in a removable base which can then be snapped into a number of implants.  Take note that all these options will be discussed with you by the dentist so that you and your dentist can decide which one is the best for you.


Be Aware of Your Options

As mentioned in the above option, if you would go for a denture that is supported by implants, then you are going for a so-called all-on-4.  This option is most stable in terms of being safely attached inside your mouth. Aside from this, this option is also the next best thing compared to an all natural teeth.

If you are a person who is not a fan of extractions or pulling out tooth, then an available option for you is called overdenture.  In this process a prosthesis rests over a prepared teeth root which then prevents the process of bone resorption from happening.


Your Full Set Throughout Time

When we talk about these dental additions and procedures, it is commonly associated with old age.  This is the case because we know that as we age, our teeth will also start to hurt and show different problems.

When we start to feel different teeth problems as we age, then this is when different procedures are also being scheduled with the dentists.  

To at least keep this from happening, it is really important that good oral health is maintained throughout the years.

When these procedure are inevitable, there will be times that additional tasks would have to be done first, like understanding the quality of the bone, before each dental procedure can be laid out.

Examples of these additional procedures are as follows:

Alveoloplasty – this is the procedure wherein a person’s jawbone is re-contoured or shaped to ensure that the bearing area for the fixture to be installed is properly rounded and at the same time it provides maximum surface area.

Bone Grafting – on instances wherein your jawbone is not as healthy as it should be then bone grafting would have to take place prior the actual dental procedure.


Same Day Full Dentures in Costa Mesa, Orange County

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For any question, clarification or if you just need more details about the best dental options for you then you can reach out to us and we will be more than glad to discuss it with you including options, treatment even the procedure cost so that you will come prepared for possible results.