About Noguchi Garden, Costa Mesa, CA

Located in Costa Mesa, California, Noguchi Garden is a tranquil oasis set amongst the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is recognized as one of U.S.A’s preeminent sculpture gardens and the most vital publicly accessible outdoor sculpture oasis in Southern California. Commissioned by philanthropist Henry Segerstrom in 1979 and completed in 1982, Isamu Noguchi’s most important public sculpture garden’s design symbolizes various geographical characteristics of California, incorporating indigenous plants and materials.

The garden comprises of six principal elements of California Scenario namely the Forest Walk, Land Use, Desert Land, Water Source, Water Use and Energy Fountain. The Spirit of the Lima Bean is the centerpiece of the garden. Created in recognition of Henry T. Segerstrom’s friendship with Noguchi, the sculpture of dramatic portions, composed of 15 rust-colored granite rocks cut precisely to fit together.

Nestled in between restaurants hotels and corporate buildings, this secret gem is a lovely place to balance energy and reflection. There’s a waterfall that travels down into a stream splitting the walkways in several directions, a water fountain made of limestone and home to islands which celebrate California’s diverse environment and a desert themed island a redwood island with tall feathered grass.

Noguchi Garden is indeed a small garden designed by Isamu Noguchi with all his trademarks – great use of natural materials, expert placement for all elements (rock, tree, water, and sand), enough space to walk around, and contemplates nature. The elements are designed to reflect the natural features of California and do provide a very good overview of the beauty of nature.

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