How To Care For Dentures

Complete and Partial Dentures Costa MesaDentures – What Can I Eat?

Dentures bring you back your smile and your oral function. But there lies the fact that these are not natural and they are not natural parts of your body. So, you should observe what you eat to avoid them from being damaged. Basically, you cannot expect to use them as to how you do with your natural teeth. To give you an idea of what precautions you should make, here are two short lists of food items that you should eat carefully and the food items that you should totally avoid.


Food to be Careful With – Be cautioned about eating these food items

Acidic Foods: Examples are citrus juices and fruits

Sugary foods- Avoid overly sweet foods

Dehydrating Foods- Dehydration is bad for the acrylic in your dentures. Avoid liquor, tea, coffee, etc.


Partial Dentures Costa MesaFoods to Absolutely Avoid

Nuts & Seeds: These can physically damage your dentures. Also, avoid fruit with seeds like guava

Hard-to-Chew Foods: like underdone steaks, popcorn, dry fruit, etc.

Hard candy- In all types.

Prolong the life of your dentures by proper care and maintenance. Take a look at important points that you have to remember when it comes to taking care of your dentures.

  • See to it that you remove stuck food particles and rinse your dentures after eating. Remember that when you eat, your dentures are exposed to the deposit of food particles.
  • Handle them carefully. The materials used to make your dentures are quite brittle. If you happen to drop them accidentally, they may break or crack. So, remember, to handle them carefully and preferably place them over a towel.
  • Clean your mouth after removing your dentures. Anything left there will stay under the denture and cause infection.
  • Keep your dentures clean. Brush them at least once daily.
  • Soak your dentures in soaking solution or clean water when removed at night. Leaving them out will cause them to dry up and warp and will affect the fit on your teeth.
  • Rinse the dentures always before you put them back in your mouth especially if they have been kept in a soaking solution.

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