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Dr. Michael Ayzin and the team at Dentistry @ Its Finest concentrate on meeting or exceeding the expectations of our patients. The amazing results of our treatments, along with the thanks and compliments we receive, are a testament to our success.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ayzin & Extended Family at Dentistry @ It’s Finest,

First and foremost, thank you for the excellent care, painless procedure and the start to a great smile!!!

Going to the Dentist on my Birthday was not the first choice or on the top 10 of birthday party spots in Orange County!! But, this was a first, I can only remember arriving at Dentistry @ It’s Finest, the Birthday Balloons, a Group Picture, (ha, ha) Gift Basket of Gourmet Soups & Fruit and then the old sitting back in the dentist chair for one birthday shot (not in a shot glass) and it was lights out!! It had to have been a good time because the next thing I remember, I was at home and did not have a hang over and the prior intense pain from my neglecting normal cleanings and visits to Dentistry @ It’s Finest was no longer painful.

Thank you to you and the entire staff (Family) at Dentistry @ It’s Finest! You throw an excellent birthday bash. Thank you for celebrating my Birthday with Lisa and I. Although next time, I think Maui might be a better spot to celebrate!

A Sincere “Thank You” to all at Dentistry @ It’s Finest!!

Robert A. Pecanic, Jr.
& Family.
Irvine, CA.

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