Laser Periodontal Therapy

April 9, 2012

Dentistry @ Its Finest™ is proud to be one of the first dental offices in the area to offer Laser Periodontal Therapy ™. This groundbreaking technique is highly effective in the treatment of periodontal disease. Laser Periodontal Therapy™ is a much more patient-friendly means of periodontal disease treatment since it is less traumatic to the surrounding tissue than traditional scaling.

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

Laser dentistry is a new technology that helps your dentist treat you with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Since this is a new technology and dentistry is all about the patient it would have to have many benefits to the patient for Laser Therapy to have gained such rapid, widespread acceptance.

Some of these benefits are:

Helping patients who have a fear of needles: People don’t like injections, even when they don’t hurt! 85% of procedures done with a laser will require no anesthesia. Since a high performance dental laser eliminates the need anesthesia patients who dislike the feeling of numbness and have anxiety about the physiological reactions to commonly used anesthetics, need not worry anymore!

Most patients dislike the noise and vibration of the dentists drill, but the sound of a laser is not objectionable and no vibration is transmitted to the patient as the tip of the laser never even needs to contact the tooth!

We can offer our patients many more soft tissue procedures more simply, with little or no bleeding after the procedure due to a laser’s ability to coagulate as it cuts. Patients prefer to have their dental procedures performed by the dentist they know to be caring and friendly and dislike referral to a strange specialist. This laser gives us the ability to offer these many procedures right here in our office.

The laser provides our patients with less post operative discomfort: Many laser procedures result in less post operative discomfort for the patient.

Overall lasers are a less intimidating mode of treatment as targeted laser light can perform tasks more quickly and with less discomfort than traditional methods. The laser helps us to avoid cutting and suturing and usually cause no bleeding. All this and it provides the patient with significantly improve healing time in many cases!

Laser dentistry is safe for both adults and children. We invite you to experience the world of pain-free, pleasant dentistry through laser technology. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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