Preventative Dentistry – Cleanings and Checkups


Dr. Ayzin and the team at Dentistry @ Its Finest know that the best way to keep your smile healthy and looking great is to keep it clean and to catch small problems before they develop into big problems. That’s why we offer complete teeth cleanings and checkups, and recommend that our patients have one at least every six months.


DIAGNOdent® Laser Diagnostics

dignodentAt our office, we now have a revolutionary new tool that aids us in the early detection of cavities and other dental problems. DIAGNOdent® is a system that uses an ultra-sensitive laser to detect the small lesions that will eventually turn into cavities, long before they would show up on X-rays. This allows Dr. Ayzin to treat the problems with minimally invasive techniques such as air abrasion, rather than having to resort to the drill.


Waterlase® Laser

Picture 1091An exciting new technology our practice is offering that can transform your dental experience: Waterlase Dentistry. Our practice has seen an increased number of patients looking for a more comfortable, less stressful alternative to the traditional needle and drill. In a continuing effort to provide you with the best oral health care and advanced treatment options, our office is now performing many traditional dental procedures with the best dental laser system available – the revolutionary Waterlase iPlus™. Unlike needle and drill dentistry, in most cases the Waterlase iPlus™ can perform many traditional dental procedures with no shots, no drill, and no discomfort. Waterlase uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to provide gentler, more precise treatment that conserves healthy tooth, through painless dentistry. In addition, procedures that once took several appointments to complete, such as multiple fillings, can now be finished in just one visit. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for fear of the needle and drill, or just want a dental solution that is more comfortable and faster, stop delaying your dental treatment and schedule an appointment today.

Micro Air Abrasion

After we use DIAGNOdent® to detect emerging problems, we can use a new technique called micro air abrasion to correct it. The micro air abrasion tool works like a tiny sand blaster, smoothing away an imperfection before it has a chance to turn into a cavity. Micro air abrasion is quick, painless, and does not require any anesthetic.

Dentistry While You Sleep

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are anxious or afraid. This can create a vicious cycle, where problems worsen and patients become more and more afraid of going because of the amount of work needed.

If you have a lot of anxiety about your visit to the dentist, we offer you the option of sleeping through your entire procedure using IV sedation, or general anesthesia. Our highly skilled team of anesthesiologists will carefully monitor you while you are sedated, ensuring your safety. When you wake up, your procedure will be finished and you won’t have felt a thing!

Dental Implants

For many of us, dental implant treatment for missing teeth is a new concept; something we have never imagined possible. In an age of medical breakthroughs and longer, healthier living, it shouldn’t be surprising that lost teeth no longer mean a removable denture: science offers a better solution. At our office you can replace all your upper, lower or upper and lower teeth, which are attached to your jaw bone (we call it fixed). They are comfortable to chew and function with, and all of it can be done by placing as little as 4 implants. Ask us about this option, when you come in for a complimentary consultation.

Missing front or back teeth have unique demands. The challenge is to replace your now missing teeth for both function and appearance, without harming your remaining teeth or gum tissue.

Besides good function during chewing, ideal replacement must look like natural teeth, both to you and to others. The solutions possible with an implant supported crown or bridge take advantage of the best appearance possibilities available in dentistry and modern dental technology.


If a tooth starts to decay, it’s important to quickly remove the decay and replace it with a filling before the problem gets any worse. Dr. Ayzin uses tooth-colored fillings for all his restorations, and, in addition to fillings, offers tooth-colored inlays and onlays. These are useful when there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling, but enough remains that you don’t need a crown.

Inlays are restorations that replace a large amount of tooth material, but sit in between the bumps on the chewing surface of your teeth, called cusps.

fillingsPorcelain onlays are an excellent conservative solution to cavity pain, reduced chewing strength, and general degeneration of the back teeth. Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, onlays discreetly restore teeth to an optimal state of health. They resemble natural teeth so closely that only you will know the truth. To find out if onlays are right for you, please contact us today.

Root Canals

The roots of your teeth, which anchor them into the jawbone, contain nerve and other tissues that nourish the tooth. Sometimes, this tissue can get infected. In the past, the only way to deal with infected root tissue was to extract the tooth, but now, a root canal treatment can save it.

Root canals are performed by drilling into the top of the tooth to expose the tissue inside the tooth, called the “pulp”. Your dentist then removes the diseased pulp and fills the space that has been left. He then restores the top of your tooth with a porcelain crown. Contact Dr. Ayzin immediately if you think you may need a root canal.



It is important to replace teeth if they are lost. Your teeth can shift if there are gaps in your smile which can cause tissue damage. Dentures will help prevent from further damage to occur and provide a restorative solution. They all so function and look just like normal teeth. Our office offers partial and complete dentures for the upper or lower jaw. 


Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges help fill gaps where teeth may be missing. They get support from healthy teeth from either sides of the gap. Those two act as a support are called abutment. the fake tooth that fills the gap is called an Pontic. Read more about Dental Bridges.


Gum Disease Treatment

Keeping your gums healthy is essential if you want to have strong, beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime. Gum disease is characterized by red, swollen, sensitive gums, and can easily be treated in its early stages. We even have options for treating very advanced gum disease. Contact Dentistry @ Its Finest to find out more about gum disease treatment.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Ayzin only uses extractions as a last resort, when there are no other options for saving the tooth. If, however, extraction ends up being the best solution, he is an expert at removing teeth with a minimum of discomfort, even in difficult cases, such as those involving wisdom teeth. He also has several options for replacing teeth, including dental implants Orange County.

Geriatric Dentistry

geriatricAs you age, taking care of your teeth becomes increasingly important. Dr. Ayzin can help you make sure your teeth are well looked after. If you have lost teeth, he can help you replace them with dentures, bridges, or even dental implants. He can also treat other age-related dental problems such as tooth wear, staining, and dry mouth.

Children’s Dentistry

childrenDr. Ayzin loves practicing dentistry for children. When he is able to help kids build good dental care habits when they are young, he knows that it will lead to a lifetime of healthy, strong teeth. He knows how to keep kids’ attention and to put them at ease while he works on them. Usually, kids start coming to our office around the age of 4, but Dr. Ayzin has worked with patients as young as 2 years old. If you want the best possible dental care for your child, contact Dentistry @ Its Finest today.

Occlusal Disease

You probably have never heard of such a disease even though it does exist.
Occlusal disease is caused by a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the upper and lower dental arches, also called malocclusion. If left untreated, occlusal disease can damage your teeth, the supporting bones and gums around your teeth, temporomandibular joints, and the jaw muscles you use for chewing. Many people dismiss excessive or abnormally accelerated tooth wear as “natural aging or wearing” of teeth, but your dentist can provide treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by occlusal disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Occlusal Disease

  • Enamel wear
  • Tooth cracking or breakage
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum recession
  • Loss of bone support
  • Muscle pain
  • TMJ symptoms

Our goal is to preserve the oral health of our patients, as well as to anticipate the long-term results when restorative treatment is provided. Treating occlusal disease can lead to a long life of optimal oral health and restorative treatment success.

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