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I was driving the other day, and saw an advertisement special for Botox Cosmetics priced at nine dollars per unit. Personally I have never undergone any cosmetic injections, but as a Medical Professional I was curious about the popular procedure.

Recently I happened to have unrelated minor procedure done on my face by my friend, Dr. Madorsky, and to further feed my curiosity I asked him to inject my brow with Botox. (On a side note, Newport Coast Magazine name Dr. Madorsky one of the best doctors in Orange County).

My primary reason for using Botox was motivated by the reason I wanted to know just how it felt. I wanted to find out how do most of my female patients cringe of dental shot, but easily submit to Botox injections.

First of all, I want you to understand, we as a group-doctors, are very conservative in our nature. When anything new in a sense of materials or techniques comes along, and I mean anything, we tend to resist change due to our training and habit of doing things for years one certain way. I am here to suggest there is a BETTER way to have your Botox injections performed. Let me share my experience with you:

Of course, like any patient I was apprehensive about getting this low-risk but “wonder” procedure done. But shortly after cracking a couple of jokes with Dr. Madorsky about not hurting each other, I forgot about my fears.

The second step after calming my nerves was the actual injection; Dr. Madorsky injected the side to the left and above my nose. According to him, the site above the nose is the most uncomfortable for the patient. He used a technique I insisted upon. I felt NOTHING. Not even a fringe.

Experience on the right side I do not have to describe for people, who go through with it every 4 to 6 month. You know who you are. You know what I am talking about.

Yes, it took longer to do left side. Yes, it costs more to do it my way. But it does NOT hurt. Period.

Here is the point: You can find Botox for less. If your primary, or limiting factor, is money, our practice is not for you. We appreciate you taking the time to look at our practice and wish good luck. I am sure there are plenty of doctors (just take a drive down any local freeway to see the advertisements), who will get you, where you want to be, the old fashioned way.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a great final result AND getting there without PAIN, we are here for YOU.

Dr. Michael Ayzin


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