Dental Sealants in Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Michael Ayzin Dental Sealant Provider for Costa Mesa community

Dr. Michael Ayzin Dental Sealant Provider for Costa Mesa community

Dental sealants are coatings that are placed on the molars’ chewing surfaces and can stop cavities for a very long time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that dental sealants offer two-year protection against 80% of cavities. For up to four years, sealants can continue to prevent 50% of cavities. Costs for dental sealants range from $30 to $60 per tooth.

Dr. Michael Ayzin at Dentistry At Its Finest has over 22+ years of experience with dental sealants since 2000. Please contact us if you have questions about dental sealants cost near Costa Mesa, California or call (714) 540-5511 to schedule an appointment.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Sealants in Costa Mesa?

Dental sealants are most suited for people who have premolars and newly erupted permanent molars. The treatment will also have a significant positive impact on children between the ages of 6 and 14. Sealants can protect children’s teeth throughout this period of middle childhood when cavities are more common.

How Much Does Dental Sealant Cost in Costa Mesa?

Costs for dental sealants range from $30 to $60 per tooth. That cost may be decreased by certain insurance or discount plans.

Are Sealants Covered by Dental Insurance in Costa Mesa?

Preventive care and dental sealants are typically 100% covered by insurance policies, so you have to pay little to nothing out of pocket for any protective sealants for your child. Many dental insurance policies provide sealants for kids under 18. However, dental insurance typically does not pay for sealants for adults. Like routine checkups and fluoride applications, dental sealants are regarded as having preventative benefits.

How Much Do Dental Sealants Cost Without Insurance in Costa Mesa?

Without insurance, dental sealants can cost anywhere between $30 and $60 per tooth.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can last up to four years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, there are some factors that can change how long-lasting and resilient the material is. As such, the majority of dentists suggest reapplying dental sealants every two years.

What is the Success Rate of Dental Sealants in Costa Mesa?

In a clinical trial published in the Journal of Dental Research, 71.3% of patients who had dental sealants for their teeth remained cavity-free after five years.

Why Choose Dental Sealant Dentist Dr. Michael Ayzin at Dentistry At Its Finest near Costa Mesa?

Dr. Michael Ayzin is extensive experience with dental sealants, he will walk you through the process to make sure you get the smile of your dreams! At Dentistry At Its Finest, Dr. Michael Ayzin, is an expert in dental sealants, offers complimentary consultations to determine the treatment process at an affordable cost.


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What are Dental Sealants?

To prevent potential cavities in the grooves of the teeth, dental sealants are utilized. During a tooth sealant procedure, a specific acid is used to demineralize the enamel surface before being covered with a resin that hardens when polymerized with a specific light.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

The teeth that will receive dental sealants are first meticulously cleaned, and the area is then covered with cotton to keep it dry. To aid the sealant’s adhesion to the teeth, a specific solution is applied to the enamel surface. After rinsing, the teeth are dried.

Deep grooves or depressions are meticulously covered by painting the sealant material onto the enamel surface. The material will either harden by itself or with a specific curing light, depending on the type of sealant used.

What are Dental Sealants Made of?

  • Composite resin sealant – A Composite Resin Sealant is a type of tooth-colored material that is used to create dental sealants. It is widely used to protect teeth against decay and damage to the enamel.
  • Glass Ionomer Sealant – A Glass Ionomer Sealant is a hydrophilic material. A Glass Ionomer Sealant is less sensitive to moisture than a hydrophobic resin substance. This material offers an alternative treatment for wet conditions in the oral cavity.

What are the Benefits of Sealants?

  • Dental sealants can aid in cavity prevention.
  • Dental sealant application is quick and painless.
  • Dental sealants cost less than fillings.

FAQs for Dental Sealants

Are Sealants a Good Idea for Kids?

Yes, applying dental sealants to your child's teeth is relatively risk-free and safe for them both during the application process and afterwards. Sealants are simply attached to the tooth, so they do not go inside the tooth like a filling would. Sealants are a great, non-invasive way to prevent cavities in your child's teeth.

What Age Should Kids Get Sealants?

The optimal times for children to receive dental sealants are when their first molars erupt at age 6 and when their second molars erupt at age 12. When used soon after permanent molars erupt, sealants largely prevent cavities.

How Long Does it Take to Put Sealant on Kids' Teeth?

The procedure is painless and only takes 2 to 3 minutes per tooth to complete. The dental sealant dries in just one minute with the aid of a curing light. Before it fully hardens, the sealant's resin will still be liquid, allowing your dentist to apply it precisely.


Sealants Near Me in Costa Mesa, California

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About Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is a city in Orange County, California, United States. Since its incorporation in 1953, the city has grown from a semi-rural farming community of 16,840 to an urban area including part of the South Coast Plaza–John Wayne Airport edge city, one of the region’s largest commercial clusters, with an economy based on retail, commerce, and light manufacturing. The city is home to the two tallest skyscrapers in Orange County. The population was 111,918 at the 2020 census.

Costa Mesa is located 37 miles (60 km) southeast of Los Angeles, 87 miles (140 km) northwest of San Diego and 425 miles (684 km) southeast of San Francisco. Costa Mesa encompasses a total of 16 square miles (41 km2) with its southernmost border only 1 mile (1.6 km) from the Pacific Ocean. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 15.7 square miles (41 km2). 15.7 square miles (41 km2) of it is land and 0.05 square miles (0.13 km2) of it (0.29%) is water.

At the 2010 census Costa Mesa had a population of 109,960. The population density was 7,004.0 inhabitants per square mile (2,704.3/km2). There were 39,946 households, 12,298 (30.8%) had children under the age of 18 living in them, 16,478 (41.3%) were opposite-sex married couples living together, 4,369 (10.9%) had a female householder with no husband present, 2,392 (6.0%) had a male householder with no wife present.

The City’s economy relies heavily on retail and services. It is home to South Coast Plaza, one of the nation’s largest shopping centers. The volume of sales generated by the Plaza places it among the highest-volume regional shopping centers in the nation.

The City is also home to a couple of electronics, pharmaceutical, and plastics firms. The largest employer in the City is the business services company Experian. Some of the other businesses headquartered in Costa Mesa include Ceradyne, El Pollo Loco, Emulex, Hurley, RVCA, Toyota Racing Development, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Vans, and Volcom.

Costa Mesa is also home to The LAB and The CAMP, two counter-culture retail venues that are solely focused on local artisans and a fitness-based lifestyle. The Triangle, on the other hand, is the City’s family entertainment complex which offers a variety of restaurants, a movie theater, and a bowling alley. (Source: Wikipedia)




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