Coverage with United Healthcare

united healthcare ppo

Looking for a good dental office that accepts your PPO or any kinds of PPO? We have just exactly what you need as we accept most types of dental insurance plans. Our dentists accepts United Healthcare.

Employer-provided insurance plan holders need not to worry as preventive dental care is fully covered. Additional coverage is optional and it depends on the three group PPO plans.

Consumer MaxMultiplier awards you with annual dental checkups by giving you the amount to be added to your maximum benefit for the following year. The maximum benefit starts from $1,000 up to $2,000.

FlexAppeal Preventive Multiplier is a preventive diagnostics services that covers you completely and won’t apply to your deductible or maximum benefit.

FlexAppeal Enhanced will give you not only preventive care coverage, but additional major and basic services as well. This includes dental implants.

There are also a variety of plans for individuals and families; however, there will be no deductibles available for preventive care and you need to provide basic and major coverage as well.

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With your coverage and our experience dentists, you no longer have to worry about your oral health anymore! Setup an appointment with our dental office today in Costa Mesa near Irvine in Orange County. For more information please see here.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided can change as we only provide information taken from the insurance company. We offer this guide to provide information and help you discover the services covered by the insurance company. For additional information, feel free to visit the insurance provider’s website or contact their customer service hotline or member services listed in the insurance card.