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Invisalign Costa Mesa CA

Dr. Michael Ayzin and Dr. Ron Ayzin are Orange County Invisalign® providers, offering patients the option of clear aligners to straighten teeth and address mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Invisalign is considered a short term orthodontic treatment that can reposition the teeth without metal brackets and wires. Available for children and adults, Invisalign is often the perfect solution for patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatment but do not have more complex structural or bite problems.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses a customized set of clear aligners to reposition the teeth according to a plan created using digital impressions and CAD/CAM software. We use iTero® 3D digital teeth scanning. The iTero digital scanning system eliminates the need for messy putty in your mouth by creating a 3D digital scan of your teeth. It offers a fast and more comfortable experience and it’s more accurate, resulting in a more precise fit from your Invisalign aligners.

The combination of advanced technology enables Dr. Ayzin to work with you to create more predictable and accurate results that will straighten teeth and improve overall dental health. Patients will change their aligners about every two weeks to maintain progress.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?
Invisalign can successfully treat a wide range of orthodontic and bite-related problems including Gap Teeth, Open Bite, Underbite crossbite, overbite, and overcrowding of teeth. The first step is to schedule a consultation during which we will thoroughly evaluate the condition and function of your smile before making the appropriate treatment recommendations. Invisalign is available for children and adults and Dr. Ayzin takes the time to ensure that it is the best solution for your needs. For more complex problems or structural concerns, especially in children we also offer traditional metal braces and oral appliances as needed.

Adults are often good candidates for Invisalign, especially is you are experiencing orthodontic relapse after prior treatment with braces at a younger age.


What are the benefits of Invisalign?
Invisalign can offer patients several key benefits when compared to metal braces, including:

  • Discreet orthodontic treatment means that no one has to know you are wearing braces
  • Removable aligners make it easy to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine
  • No dietary restrictions- aligners can be temporarily removed when eating
  • Shorter treatment times with the average being about a year
  • Comfortable orthodontic treatment- the clear aligners are made of a hard-soft plastic that does not irritate the gums or soft tissues.


Invisalign Treatment: Here is what to expect Orange County!

The first step in the Invisalign process is using a digital scanner to take impressions of your teeth. These images are uploaded to a software program that will be used to evaluate your bite and create your personal treatment plan. At your next visit, we will place your first set of clear, custom made aligners and provide a schedule of when to change to a new set and checkup appointments.

Are changing aligners painful?
Some patients will experience mild discomfort associated with changing pressure on the teeth for the first day or so, but this should fade quickly. An over the counter pain medication can typically alleviate your discomfort.

Should I clean my Invisalign aligners daily?
Clear aligners should be cleaned daily with gentle brushing using your soft-bristled toothbrush. They can also be cleaned by soaking in a prescribed solution or warm water and then rinsed before placing back in the mouth.

Looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to Invisalign? We offer Clear Braces.


Why choose Dentistry @ Its Finest Invisalign Costa Mesa?

If you are near or in Costa Mesa, come visit our state of the Art Office with latest technology and spa like comfort. Meet our Orthodontist Dr. Javier Mejia, one of the most respected and experienced doing invisalign Orange County.

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