Coverage with Ameritas

ameritas ppo

Need a dentist that accepts most kinds of PPO? We have a dental office that does just that! Our dental office can accept insurance plans under Ameritas. Ameritas dental is a dental insurance provider that lets you choose your preferred dentist.

There are three types of plans accepted at our office. These plans have a deductible of $50 per person, but the coverage differs.

Plan 1 cover 80% of the preventive care costs and 50% of the basic care cost. Under this plan, major care is not covered. It has a maximum benefit of $500.

Plan 2 cover 100% of preventive care costs and 50% of the basic care cost. The maximum benefit is $1000.

Plan 3 covers the entire preventive care expenses and 80% of basic care costs. It can also cover major care for up to 50% of the cost. This plan has a maximum benefit of $1,500.

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With your coverage and our team of dentistal professionals, you no longer have to be worried about your oral health anymore. Set up for an appointment now at Costa Mesa, CA and get those perfect smile back in your life. We are in Orange County and just minutes away from Irvine. For additional insurance options, visit this link.

DISCLAIMER: The information we provide above is subject to change as we derive the information from the insurance company. Our intent in posting this is to provide you with a guideline that will help you determine the best services for your needs and what insurance providers are covered at our dental office. If you need more information about the insurance mentioned, please visit the insurance company’s website. You can also call their customer service hotline. If you are already a member, the number of the member services hotline may be listed in your insurance ID card. The above logos and trademarks are properties of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.