Dental Implant Cost near Costa Mesa, Orange County

Dental implants have many functions, one of which is to replace and act as natural teeth. The patient can chew and bite normally without the problem of jawbone deterioration. Aside from this, they also help patients to smile brightly once more and have their confidence back.  If you check here, you will be able to compare the value and cost of dental implants versus other dental replacement options.

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Dental Implants Cost PriceAll in all, we’d have to say that permanent teeth are more expensive than traditional ones. Typically the dental implants cost for seniors would vary depending on its type, the difficulty of placing them, its location, and most certainly on the skill of the periodontist or dentist placing them. Because they can be used in a variety of ways to restore missing teeth, each has their own cost consideration.

  • Single tooth
    • Typically, these can cost between $2700 to $6,000. This type replaces one single tooth (usually front), including an abutment and a crown.
  • Multiple teeth
    • For those who are missing more than one tooth, the cost can vary somewhere between $4,000 to $10,000, up to $30,000 for many high-quality implants. The cost might differ with this type based on the number of teeth that are being replaced and of course where these teeth will be placed.
  • Full mouth dental implants
    • For those missing all or most of the teeth on one or both jaws, a total restoration can be performed. Check out our Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost page.


Other costs to consider:

Besides the cost of the actual implant, there are more costs associated with this procedure. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Teeth extraction – to make room, there might be a need to pull out one or a few teeth for the restoration.
  • Bone graft – This can be required if the jawbone’s density is not enough to support.
  • X-Rays or CT Scan – These procedures are required to check the condition of the remaining teeth as well as the jawbone. Aside from the jawbone, this procedure will also share a better view of the location in the mouth.


Types of materials:

Teeth implants have three main components, each with their own price tag.

  • Crown – this would normally costs around $1,000 to $3,000 and a crown around this amount is already considered as high quality.
  • Implant – this is the screw-like hardware that is placed in the jawbone.  A high-quality, made of titanium or zirconia would normally cost around $1,600 to $2,000
  • Abutment – this is the part that connects the implant and costs around $275 to $450

Learn more about Dental Implants.


Is A Tooth Implant A Good Investment?

Dental implants are known to be cost-competitive, in the long run as stated by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  These are factors to think about when comparing this option with the traditional removable denture:

  • Health cost – Living with absent teeth will most certainly cause the jawbone to deteriorate over time. Digestive and choking risks are also present because the person is unable to properly chew his or her food.


  • Convenience cost – Once they are placed, there won’t be any additional dental visits, apart from the regular ones that should be done with or without it.  Apart from this, normal dental hygiene is the only expectation to keep these for a long life.


  • Quality of life – Unlike removable dentures that tend to interfere with speaking, laughing, drinking and eating, they act as natural teeth which do not impact these activities.


  • Total cost – Traditional dentures may cost less, especially initially but you also need to consider the cost of replacing this in about 5 to 15 years plus the costs of the adhesives, cleaning solutions and special brushes that dentures require.


Saving Money on Teeth Implants

While some people may consider dental implants a luxury or even an unnecessary cosmetic procedure, especially since there are other less expensive alternatives for tooth replacement. However, because they are the most like natural teeth they are certainly worth considering and making plans for. Here are some ways you may be able to save money on them:

  • Insurance

Although most insurance companies will not cover the procedure because it falls under a cosmetic procedure, there are PPOs such as Delta Dental which do cover part of this treatment. It is best to check with your insurance company and know the details because there are treatments covered by insurance companies that focus on jaw restoration that will help you speak and eat like normal again. 

We at Dentistry @ Its Finest do accept most PPO insurance and we have years of experience working with different insurance companies.  Our Benefits Coordinator is always happy to help in checking your benefits and in knowing what is and what is not covered by your insurance.  At the same time, our team will also assist with the paper works and will assure you that you will get the maximum benefit for all dental procedures.


  • Government Programs

Medicaid and Medicare are two government programs that may pay for routine dental care but neither of them cover implants. Also, Medicaid focuses on patients, 65 years and older and will only cover emergency-related costs.


  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)

A Flexible Spending Account is a benefit often available through employers, and is a set amount of pretax income which is taken wages and placed into an account which can be used for healthcare costs. Learn more about FSA’s here.


  • Health savings accounts (HSA)

Unlike an FSA, an HSA or Health Savings Account, is a government regulated account which allows a specific amount of your pre-tax income to be saved for health care costs that are not covered by your insurance. To know more about HSA, you can click here.

With the help of our Benefits Coordinator, we can check if you have an HSA or FSA so you can either reimburse the cost of the procedure or directly have your benefits paid by these accounts.


  • Dental schools

If you know any dental schools that are nearby, you can find out if they offer a discount on this procedure. If available, this would be done by a student, as opposed to an expert implants dentist, with guidance from a board-certified dentist, so they can actually practice what they have learned.


  • In House Payment Plans

Our office offers convenient monthly payment plans so that our patients can afford dental implants without having to pay for the entire procedure all at once. We also accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also gladly accept CareCredit.


Implants Dentist Near Me

Just like any other important establishment, having a dental office or dental clinic that is near either your home or work place gives a great benefit. Having them close by would mean having the ability to go there in your most convenient time and even for any emergency without any hassle. Imagine having one where staff that are certified and knowledgeable about their process? It is then the best setup for you.

It’s crucial to have a dental office near you that is conveniently located to your work or home to minimize your travel and maximize your time. Choosing the right provider with the qualifications and skill will be of utmost importance for a successful treatment.


Tooth Implant Cost Costa Mesa, OC

Dental implants can change your life, because with them you will be able to return to eating, drinking, laughing and speaking as you did once before. If you want to experience this again, and are in or near Costa Mesa, call or visit our dental clinic today. We work with different PPOs and are happy to educate our patients on the different financial options available. Our office is located close to Irvine and Huntington Beach in Orange County, CA.

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