Permanent Dentures Replace Missing Teeth

Normally, prosthetic teeth are kept in place by using either the adjacent remaining teeth and/or by suction from the gum ridges. This type is what we commonly refer to as dentures, which are removable and require careful maintenance.

On the other hand, there are also what we call the permanent or fixed types which are permanently installed in the patient’s jaws. If you compare these two kinds, fixed-type ones provide more stability. Thanks to that, the patient has more confidence and finds them more convenient to use since they don’t just accidentally fall off or you don’t need to remove them every now and then. In addition, they allow the patient to eat and speak normally, like they used to.  If you’re interested to learn more about how dental implants can help you, click here.

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Getting Permanent Dentures

Dentures refer to a set of artificial teeth that are implanted into a certain support structure. There are two kinds of dentures: a full set and a partial denture. A full set consists of the entire teeth in the upper or lower jaw, while the partial denture only replaces one or some of the teeth. Normally, they are built on a gum-colored acrylic base which fits comfortably on the gums, and is held there primarily by suction between the dentures and the patient’s gum surface. This allows the dentures to be easily removed for cleaning or in-between meals.

However, because of the various disadvantages of using dentures, they are now being replaced by prostheses on dental implants. This is what we call as ‘fixed teeth’, because of how the dental implants would become part of the patient’s jaw. Meanwhile, a fixed partial is called a ‘fixed bridge’.  For this kind of procedure, the patient needs to find a reliable and expert specialist. Fortunately, we have a lot of them in our clinic.

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How Many Implants Does One Need for Fixed Dentures?

In general, one or more artificial roots would need to be installed in the jaw to completely support the prosthesis. This greatly depends on the number of missing teeth that needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, a full set of dentures can be supported by a minimum of 4 artificial roots, which are also known as the ‘All-on-Four’. Nevertheless, the number of required artificial roots relies on a couple of factors which includes the general health of the patient’s jawbone.


What is Osseointegration?

Are you one of those who are wondering why implants have become so popular nowadays? Well, wonder no more. Simply put, implants have taken their advantage from a natural phenomenon that happens in the teeth called ‘Osseointegration’. This process takes place when the cells grow on the surface of certain metallic objects once they’ve been installed in the jawbone. Osseointegration creates a naturally strong bond between the implants and the patient’s jawbone therefore allowing the implant to become part of the jaw.

However, Osseointegration is a slow process and usually takes around two to six months to fully bond.


Implant Loading

The latest dental restorations get their benefits from the new roots which they are fixed into. What is a dental implant? Basically, an implant is a kind of metallic post or screw with threads on one end. The threaded end is then screwed into the jaw at a specific spot and angulations. In common procedure, permanent dental prostheses are installed on the new roots after the osseointegration has been fully completed. This process is called ‘loading’ and it may take at least three to six months for the process to be completed. Meanwhile, a temporary restoration procedure is provided to the patient, which serves as a bridge while waiting for the ‘loading’ process to be done.


Are Permanent Dentures Right for Me?

Fixed prostheses, whether it is full or partial permanents, have a couple of advantages as compared to traditional dentures. Though fixed dentures may seem more expensive, these advantages would make one getting them. These include the following:


  • It feels, looks and functions like normal teeth. – What more can you ask for? Fixed dentures provide you with a gorgeous set of pearly whites without the occasional falling off or painful fittings and maintenance hassles that you normally get with dentures.


  • No more food limitations. – If you’re using dentures, you know that you should be very careful with what you eat because you may damage them. This includes hard-to-chew or hard foods like nuts or meat. But with fixed dentures, you won’t have to worry about this at all.


  • Aesthetic appeal. – Aside from its function, fixed dentures also provide our patients with shiny bright, smile that’s so picture-perfect. Therefore, it boosts their confidence and well-being.


  • No more falling off in public places. – Simply put, fixed dentures doesn’t fall off or slip out whenever you eat or talk in public.


  • No more bone loss – Unbeknownst to a lot of people, losing a tooth or some teeth would trigger bone loss or resorption around the empty socket. But thanks to fixed dentures, which benefits from osseointegration, bone growth will be encouraged instead.


  • Face contour retention – Resorption in the jaw can cause a distortion on the contours of a person’s face as well as detract from their smile. Fixed dentures can literally solve this problem.


  • Permanent. – Unlike traditional removable dentures, which needs to be removed whenever you go to sleep, for cleaning, and after meals, fixed dentures are installed permanently onto your jaw so it stays in your mouth all the time.


  • No more storage concerns and maintenance hassles. – Since these are permanent, you no longer need to remove them, put them in water or soaking solutions when removed.


  • Talk like you used to. – Most of the people who use dentures know that sometimes, it can be quite hard to speak during the first few days while sometimes, they do experience having their dentures slip off while they’re talking, which is embarrassing. With fixed prostheses, you can talk normally without worrying about any pain or discomfort.


Cost of Getting Permanent Dentures

Honestly speaking, permanent dentures are more expensive than traditional replacements like dentures. However, if you consider the number of advantages that you will get after having a set of permanent dentures, you can bet that you’ve gotten an excellent deal.

Imagine getting dental restorations built around titanium roots which are strong and durable plus will serve as a great support for the new teeth, don’t you feel excited?

While implants may provide amazing support for the new teeth since they’re firmly attached to the jawbone, there are cases wherein the jaw isn’t strong enough to support them. This is one thing to consider when getting replacements for seniors or patients with chronic diseases.

Nevertheless, if enough bone mass is available, one of our implant specialists may advise our patient to wait for some time to pass, to allow the process of osseointegration to complete. In case a full restoration is required, the other teeth might also need to be removed. In addition, bone grafting may also be considered depending on the severity of the patient’s case. This may also add up to the entire cost.  The good news is, however, this is an option whether a patient is in their 40s or their 80s and the results are astounding


Implant Supported Complete Permanent Denture

A full permanent prosthesis can be placed using a minimum of four new roots (All-on-Four), provided the patient has excellent bodily health and oral health, strong bone density and quality. However, if the patient is suffering from an incurable disease like diabetes or immunodeficiency, more than 4 implants may be required in order to support a complete tooth replacement.


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