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transparent brackets for Fountain Valley communityClear braces are orthodontic tools used to correct the alignment of the teeth and fix bite problems. the same way traditional braces do but using translucent ceramic brackets or brackets that match the color of the patient teeth. Dentistry At Its Finest offers clear braces that are both strong and great looking. Schedule an appointment at our office today and begin your journey towards a straighter smile.

What are clear braces?

Braces have been the most reliable tool in correcting bite issues and straightening the alignment of the teeth for decades now. It consists of parts such as the metallic archwire and brackets that run across the front of the teeth in the jaw. The wires are made of metal because it needs to have enough force and strength to pull the teeth in position. These wires can be made to match the color of the teeth to become nearly invisible. Thanks to the continuing developments in dentistry, there are now braces that have the same function as traditional braces but are less visible.

Since people want their braces to become less visible, various options can help with the visibility of the braces. This, of course, adds up to the cost, but in terms of aesthetics, this is still the most affordable treatment option.

The archwire is secured to the brackets using stock or tooth-colored elastic bands. The brackets are made of ceramic, instead of metal. This material made of aluminum oxide is why dentists named this treatment: ceramic brackets. To make it more invisible, the ceramic bands that hold the brackets to the archwire can be clear or tooth-colored.

Ceramic bracket braces for Adults in Fountain Valley, California

This is a great type of treatment for adults particularly if they worry about how traditional braces will look in their mouth. The small, translucent brackets blend with your teeth’s natural color so that it is invisible, yet more comfortable than its traditional counterpart.

Kids Clear Braces Fountain Valley: Affordable, painless

Kids and teens prefer this type of braces because not only that it is invisible, but also because they can choose any color they want for the brackets, ligatures, archwire, etc. They can prefer a more discreet invisible brace or a colorful one to set their mood and fashion sense. Orthodontics for kids are great for correcting any type of bite issues.

  • More Comfortable

  • Blending Appearance

  • No Removing

  • Gentle Adhesives

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Allow us to deal with your dental needs at our office and provide you with a new set of comfortable, and durable clear braces. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the best dental options and treatment or dental cost price, call us today!

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FAQ for Beautiful Smiles with Transparent Braces in Fountain Valley

Do Clear Braces hurt at your office in Fountain Valley?

It shouldn't hurt when getting your clear braces. If you get plastic or ceramic braces bonded to your teeth, the wires may need frequent adjusting. As these are tightened, you may feel sore for some time. The wires can also rub against the tissues inside your mouth which can cause temporary discomfort.

Do Clear Braces turn yellow - Fountain Valley?

Braces turn yellow due usually because orthodontists use low-quality materials that may also break down over time. This won't be an issue with high-quality braces and are excellent for Clear braces kids. Another reason braces turn yellow is the clear elastic ties as it is prone to discoloration which makes the braces look yellow. Luckily, these can be removed and changed at every appointment.

What can you not eat with Clear braces - Fountain Valley?

Ceramic brackets will not stain, but that doesn't mean that it isn't resistant to discoloration. Knowing this, you should avoid eating deeply colored foods such as coffee, wine, and even tomato juice. Dark pigments of these foods and drinks can leak into the material which can cause it to stain.

Can you drink coffee with Clear braces - Fountain Valley?

Yes, but remember that coffee has dark pigments that can stain the brackets and bands of your braces. If you choose to drink coffee, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash afterward.

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