Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

We are looking for a competent Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) to join our growing dental team! The ideal applicant will assist our dentist in all of his procedures so that he is able to most efficiently treat his patients and maximize his production. The applicant must handle the patient flow and take care of the patients so that they feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after treatment.


  • Performing Initial Aspects of Patient Visit
    • Welcomes and accompanies patients to the dental operatory from the reception area
    • Updates clinical data, such as current prescriptions, allergy information, and surgical and medical histories, in the patient’s health record
    • Complies with training and policy while documenting in the patient’s electronic health record
    • Ensures consent forms are filled out and signed
    • Obtains patient information and vital signs
    • Cleans and organizes the operatory, arranging the dental equipment and trays for treatment
    • Uses dental radiography equipment in an oral radiography setting
  • Performing Different Aspects of Patient Visit
    • Takes impressions for bleaching trays, temporary crowns and bridges, sports guards with the appropriate pour-ups, and diagnostic and opposing models
    • Applies topical agents that are non-aerosol and non-caustic
    • Takes off the periodontal and post-extraction dressings
    • Applies topical fluoride after scaling and polishing by the dentist/RDA
    • Inserts and takes out rubber dams
    • Puts the wedge and takes out the matrices
  • Performing Supportive Dental Procedures Under Dentist Supervision
    • Sterilizes tools in accordance with infection control guidelines
    • Helps the dentist with a range of dental treatments, including restorative, pedodontics,
    • prosthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, and charting
    • Guarantees that patients are at ease prior to, during, and following dental care
    • Answers inquiries from the patient and explains any necessary dental procedures or treatments
    • Gives patients guidance on how to take care of their teeth and mouths after having surgery or receiving other dental treatments
    • Offers instruction on oral hygiene and dental health (if necessary)
  • Supporting and Monitoring Patient Flow
    • Guarantees that patients are appropriately flowed in the system and keeps them informed about wait times
    • Helps with patient distribution among dental practitioners, including walk-ins
    • Makes appointments in advance to guarantee that the patient’s visit will be well-prepared with appropriate lab cases, funds, and information
    • Schedules patient appointments, capable of filling in for the front office as necessary, and understands standard front office operations
  • Performing Other Assigned Duties
    • Disposes of sharps and biohazard waste
    • Cleans the dental operatory units’ water lines on a daily and weekly basis
    • Performs monthly or weekly cleaning and testing of sterilization equipment
    • Sets up and stocks dental operatories and makes sure there are enough supplies on hand
    • Coordinates appointments, orders supplies, arranges equipment maintenance, and other communication with patients and suppliers
    • Keeps timely and accurate logs
    • Assists at the front office or in other operatories (if needed)

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  • Professional and Technical Expertise: Completes a trade school, paraprofessional, or certificate program to acquire work-related skills at a higher level than those obtained through high school. These skills may include formal written and verbal communications, computational and computer skills, mathematical, technical, or health care-related knowledge.
  • Licenses and Certifications: A California Registered Dental Assistant license is required. It is recommended to get a coronal polish certificate.
  • Technical Proficiency:
    • Capacity to generate increasingly complex Microsoft Word documents, using tables, charts, graphs, and additional features
    • Ability to review and generate data using Microsoft Excel, including the usage of functions, lookup tables, formulas, and other common spreadsheet components
    • Ability to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create simple presentations
  • Communication Skills:
    • Capability to compile material produced in an efficient written format, such as letters, reports, articles, or other documents, is a requirement of the job
    • Effectively communicates technical concepts to audiences lacking technical expertise
  • Team Player: Treats all members of Dentistry At Its Finest’s staff, the Board of Directors, and vendors with professionalism and a good attitude.
  • Work Ethics:
    • Upholds the greatest standards of professionalism, interacts with others honestly, and sets an example for other employees by his or her behavior
    • Eager to learn new things and open to taking on new challenges and opportunities
    • Demonstrates a passion for Dentistry At Its Finest’s work and mission
    • Keeps up an excellent attendance and punctuality record
  • Adaptability: Capable of thinking creatively and quickly adjusting to change


  • Guidance and Training: Collaborate with our regional manager, who will offer guidance and training.
  • Growth Opportunities: Opportunities for personal and career growth.

Work Location: In person

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