Getting Used to Your Permanent Dentures

Adjusting to Permanent Dentures Costa MesaHave you ever experienced your dentures slipping off, falling out, causing discomfort and gives you speaking difficulties? Apparently, traditional dentures may tend to give these effects. Also, a lesser known drawback of traditional dentures is bone resorption. The good thing is that we have a solution for all of these that would feel quite natural – a well fitted permanent denture on implants.

Denture Implants have become the top recommendation for teeth replacement in today’s modern dentistry with its property to provide an excellent solution to a variety of dental issues.  Read more here. You have to take note though that there is an adjustment phase that you have to go when getting new permanent dentures and expect some initial soreness. The transition phase can be more comfortable by following the tips below:


Adjusting to Eating

Newly installed fixed dentures will take some time to get used to. Expect to experience this discomfort after the procedure. You can start with a soft-food diet during your recovery period until you can eat all your favorite food. And after six weeks you will again enjoy food discomfort free with your new durable dental implants.

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Speaking and Socializing

Talking with traditional dentures is also something that requires getting used to. In some instances, they tend to slip or fall out. Thanks to permanent complete and partial dentures, you do will not again be worried about it slipping or falling out! The technology used in permanent dentures makes the teeth secured on abutments and rooted in your jawbone. With permanent dentures, your speaking abilities will back to how it used to be.


Caring for Your Permanent Dentures

Proper caring and maintenance of your permanent dentures should be practiced, like how you take care of your natural teeth. This means that see to it that you brush at least twice a day, floss once a day, and schedule dental examinations and cleanings twice a year. By following proper care and maintenance, your dentures can last a lifetime. For more information visit our office that is located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA. Learn more about Dental Implants vs dentures