Take Care of Your Invisalign Retainers

One of the most significant factors of invisalign aligners is that they must be cleaned. Although the aligners must be discarded after a few weeks, they must still be cleaned. Otherwise, you’ll be wearing a dirty, stinky set of aligners, which may have an impact on your treatment in the future.

While there are numerous advantages to using Invisalign aligners, if you don’t take good care of them, you may end up with a buildup of bacteria that produces smells, discoloration of the aligners, and compromises the health of your teeth. These aligners, like your teeth, will need to be cleaned on a daily basis to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

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Daily Routine Suggestions to Clean Invisalign Trays

A typical day for Invisalign care should look like this:

  1. When you get up in the morning, brush your teeth and clean your aligners.
    Expect to be sleeping with your aligners on. A lot of bacteria accumulate while you sleep, so cleaning them before you wake up is crucial. The first step is to brush your teeth to remove the bacteria accumulation. Before returning the trays to your mouth, clean them as well.
  2. Rinse your aligners whenever you remove it from your mouth.
    When you remove your invisible aligners, rinse them thoroughly. The rinse aids in the removal of dried saliva. Always keep things in a case so they don’t dry out or become contaminated with bacteria. Hotter temperatures might twist and bend the trays, so rinse with cool water.
  3. Brush your teeth and floss your teeth before putting on the trays. You should remove these before eating or drinking. Remember to brush and floss your teeth before replacing it. These teeth cleaning equipment help to remove bacteria and food particles that have become lodged between your teeth. If they are not removed, they can develop cavities and other health issues.
  4. Soak trays every day. Soaking the trays in cleaning crystals or denture cleanser is the best method to ensure that it functions properly. Do not immerse it in hot water as this may cause damage to the trays. Use a spare toothbrush to remove any residual food particles after the soaking.

Easy Steps to Clean Invisalign Trays

Vinegar and Water

Use one part white distilled vinegar to three parts water to make a soaking solution. Soak it in for about 20 minutes before brushing and rinsing it. Rinse well to remove any leftover vinegar flavor.

Soap Solution

In warm water, use a soft, unscented soap and stir until suds develop. Soak it for around 30 minutes in the solution. Brush and rinse it before reintroducing it to your mouth.

Baking Soda Solution

Combine a spoonful of baking soda and 1/2 cup of water in a uniform consistency. After 60 minutes in the solution, vigorously brush the trays until no residue remains. Baking soda includes sodium bicarbonate, which is a cleaning or whitening agent.

Peroxide Solution

Soak the trays for about 30 minutes in a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Before placing it in your mouth, brush and rinse it completely.

Retainer Cleaner

If you don’t want to create a solution, you can buy retainer cleaners in your nearby store. There are sorts of retainer cleansers that can be used in sonic cleaning machines and those that are only for overnight soaking.

These cleaners are available in the form of tablets or powder that must be dissolved in water. It is a powerful cleaning solution that eliminates bacteria and tooth plaque. The disadvantage is that these are more expensive than the preceding options.


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