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How are Dental Bridges Attached

Teeth Bridges acts as a bridge to seal the gap when you have a missing tooth. It is made up of two or more crowns to help fill in the gaps. Compared to traditional dentures that are removable, dental bridges are cemented into the existing tooth or implant and it can only be removed by a specialist. The goal of this treatment is to restore the bite and maintain the natural shape of the face.

A missing tooth shouldn’t be ignored. Your teeth are made to work hand in hand with one another; therefore if you lose a tooth, the nearby tooth can drift into that empty space. The ones on the opposite side may also shift into position. Over time, this drifting can affect your bite and will put a lot of stress on the teeth and jaw, which can later cause damage and pain. Meet Our Team.

Dental Bridges Procedure

Dental bridges usually require up to two dental appointments, but thanks to modern dentistry through CAD/CAM, dental bridges will only need one visit. The steps of this treatment are as follows:

  • Healing and Recovery – Healing and recovery is needed when a tooth has been extracted to allow the gum to completely heal.
  • Anesthesia – During extractions and after the gum has been healed, the procedure starts with the desensitization of the abutment tooth. Desentization will occur by administering one or two shots of local anesthetic in the gums around the abutment. Your dental specialist will ten check if there is enough anesthesia so you won’t feel pain and will start the procedure when you feel no pain.
  • Trimming the Abutment Teeth – Once the gums no longer feel pain, the abutment teeth are trimmed to prepare for the crown. Two abutment teeth must be shaped to allow for simultaneous mounting of the crowns.
  • Impression – The abutment teeth and gums are now prepared for the impression. The impression is taken by a dental expert and after the impressions are made it will be sent to the lab so that the bridge and crown can be fabricated. The material, color and profile of the teeth are also sent to the lab.
  • Temporary Bridge – During the operation, a thin layer of the enamel is trimmed which can leave your teeth very sensitive. You’ll be advised to wear a temporary replacement for the impression that was taken to protect your teeth.
  • Construction – Your bridge will be constructed in the lab according to the impression and specifications provided by your specialist. This procedure can take several weeks to complete.
  • Fitting – Your temporary bridge is then removed once your permanent bridge are ready to be placed in your mouth. There are cases where the manufactured bridge won’t fit thus, minor adjustments will be needed. When it fits comfortably, your specialist will permanently cement it to your teeth.
  • Check-Up Visit – A check-up visit will be scheduled after a few months, to see if the addition has caused any pain or discomfort. Necessary adjustments may be made.

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