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Do I need a Root Canal Therapy

Did your endodontist recommend a root canal therapy for you? This means that your teeth have a high chance of getting saved and you don’t need a dental prosthesis to have a complete set of teeth.

Root canal is not as complicated as others think. Patients will usually need this treatment when they experience infection or inflammation in the roots of their teeth. An endodontist will be the one to perform the Root Canal Treatment (RCT). He or she will meticulously get rid of the tooth pulp, clean, disinfect, reconfigure the root canal and fill up the space with dental sealants for an airtight seal.

A root canal therapy can treat a lot of issues such as inflamed, dying (or dead) nerves, cracked tooth, or even prevent extraction of the already dead tooth. It is also is used for treating a lot of issues, such as inflamed, a
dying, or a dead nerve, or a cracked and even a tooth that is already dead. It can also be used for the retreatment of RCT if the first treatment is unsuccessful. In certain situations, your dental professional can make a choice to remove the teeth or nerves. This decision depends on your current oral health after your expert has listened to your concerns and has made a thorough examination of your teeth.

The procedure is typically performed in two visits. On your second appointment, your specialist will check the condition of the treatment and if it needs more dental work. If the specialist is confident with his or her skills, they don’t perform the temporary filling and proceed with the permanent one on your first appointment. In such cases, recovery period is faster compared to a regular two-visit treatment.

Early Symptoms which Might Require Root Canal

  • Toothache – that is not going away with home remedies
  • Infection
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold as well as hot.
  • Swelling

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What Now?

If you experience any of the symptoms above, call us immediately for a free consultation. During the call, you can explain any symptoms you have and our staff will ask you to come at the soonest possible time. If in pain, you can apply an ice pack on the area that is pained to alleviate the symptoms. If you are in extreme pain, we’ll put your oral care in priority.

When you visit our dental office, we’ll diagnose your condition by checking your tooth and performing x-rays of your teeth. Depending on your condition, we may suggest an RCT or a completely different, but less invasive procedure.

Only a dentist will be able to answer your question accurately with the question: “Do I need a root canal?”. Our dentists also offer other Endodontics services.

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