Root Canal Therapy During Pregnancy

Root Canals can save a badly infected or abscessed tooth so that it won’t need to be extracted. But is it safe to get an RCT when your pregnant?

Many pregnant women are worried that if they get a root canal treatment it could affect the developing fetus. Obstetricians are even suggesting to postpone the root canal treatment until after birth. However, there are situations where delaying a root canal therapy can do more harm than good.

When you are pregnant, you need to worry about your life and the life of your baby. But that doesn’t mean you need to solely focus on the life of your baby because as when your health worsens, your baby’s health can get compromised. Getting a root canal when pregnant poses risks but some of these risks are non-existent in the first place. Below are some of those:

  • While it’s true that x-rays are required to assess the situation of the roots of the tooth, the gramma rays are targeted to your jaw and not your abdomen. Which means the risk of the baby getting affected by the radiation is low.
  • What pregnant moms often fear is that the tension of the operation can affect the baby. However, there is no tension and it cannot affect the baby in any way.
  • While its true that pregnant moms can be prescribed with antibiotics after the treatment, but dentists do that only when necessary. Moreover, if the dentist will prescribe antibiotics, they will prescribe medications that are safe for the mom and the baby.

Risks of Not Having an RCT during Pregnancy

If your dental expert suggest a root canal treatment it means that it is a situation that needs urgent dental care. Endodontics treatments, even while pregnant, means that if you delay the treatment any further, it can pose you or the baby at a much higher risk. The risks associated with delaying the procedure include:

Pain. Tooth pain won’t stop and the only way to get rid of the pain is to treat it. Continuous pain during pregnancy can put a lot of stress and it can negatively affect the mother and the unborn child.

Infection. If your dental expert found infection in the tooth, they will suggest RCT right away. If it is left untreated, the infection can spread throughout your body which can cause severe complications.

Our dental team is fully equipped to tend to your oral health problems and take care of your baby during a root canal treatment or any dental procedure. We take every precautionary measures to avoid any complications during pregnancy.

    • We usually avoid a root canal treatment during the first trimester unless it is absolutely necessary. This is the time where the baby is most vulnerable. If it is necessary, we’ll open and drain the roots.
    • Root canal in the 2nd trimester is possible considered safe particularly if the doctors consider it safe and it doesn’t pose any risk to the unborn child.
    • Root canal in the 3rd trimester is possible, but it is also possible to postpone it until after the baby is born which at this stage is not very far. It is possible to delay the procedure when seven months pregnant and it is important that RCT should be delayed if the mom is eight months pregnant.

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