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How Long Does It Take For Dental Implants To Heal?

How long is the healing phase after getting dental implants

Normally, a dental healing process involves multiple steps. There may be multiple healing stages for the patient. Therefore, the healing time will heavily rely on the number of teeth to be replaced, the overall health condition of the patient, and many other factors. Here is a list of procedures that could happen between the time the procedure is undergoing and the recovery stages. When these steps have been completed, expect the patient to be fully recovered and have a new and healthy set of teeth.

  • When a bone graft is needed, depending on the type of graft needed and condition of the bone itself, the patient can expect between 2 and 6 months for the entire process to complete. Grafting will only be necessary when the patient does not have enough healthy bone in the area the implant will sit on.
  • If a bone graft is not needed, but extractions have to be performed, the patient would have to wait a while for the gums to heal before another procedure can be performed. However, advancements in modern technology allow dentists to place implants during the time the extraction is performed. Through this process, the healing time is reduced to half. A gum tissue is to be stitched, but before it is performed, a healing cap will be attached to the implant. This process could take more than a week to be completely healed, but this also depends on the patient’s health.
  • Another surgery is performed once the healing time of four to 6 months has passed. The bone is connected to the implant metal then the healing cap is left exposed. Also, the gum surrounding it is stitched up or sutured to aid with the healing. When the gum is healed, it will adapt to the cap shape.
  • When the gum has been thoroughly healed, and the osseointegration process is complete your dentist will get rid of the healing cap that is attached to the abutment. This is the time where the dentist can safely place the artificial tooth or the denture.



The implants depend on the support and the strength of Osseo-integration. The process of osseointegration happens when the bone cells grow to the surface of the implant once it has been inserted into the bone. This will create a natural bond in which the implant will become the bone itself. This process will happen slowly and the process occurs between four up to 6 months to bond completely.  Get a closer look at how dental implants are placed.

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How to care for your dental implants after surgery

  • There will be discomfort to the patient and it will normally last for one to two days after the surgery.
  • The discomfort can be alleviated using pain medications and moist heat.
  • Patients are required to eat only easily chewable foods for at least a few days following the surgery and should avoid any physical activities that could risk the surgery.
  • Only use soft-bristled toothbrushes and do only gentle brushing to keep the dental sutures undamaged.
  • To kill any oral bacteria, use a special mouthwash that the dentist recommends.
  • Rinse mouth in a solution of salt and warm water a few times a day.
  • When the gums have been completely healed, take care of the implants as if you are taking care of your natural set of teeth. Brush the teeth twice and floss once a day.
  • There are parts of the dental implants that will be hard to reach by a normal toothbrush. Use special brushes and floss designed to reach these hard to reach areas of the teeth.
  • Do not forget to perform a routine dental checkup and cleaning.
  • Proper dental hygiene can make the teeth implants last for a lifetime.


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