5 Reasons Patients Choose Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign can straighten a patient’s teeth subtly and without the brackets. This is the primary reason most patients prefer Invisalign over other orthodontic methods. But it’s not just that it is discreet that makes it the most popular orthodontic appliance to date.

We asked several patients who have undergone Invisalign treatment about what they love about this treatment. Here are the top five answers. Learn how Invisalign can help with gaps in teeth and straighten your teeth.



Traditional braces look hideous when you smile. Some patients complain that they are teased or made fun of when they are seen with metallic braces on their teeth. This is one of the reasons patients prefer Invisalign because it is nearly invisible to the naked eye. It makes it hard for anyone to distinguish if a person has aligners because it doesn’t have those chunky and unattractive metallic brackets that traditional braces have.



Metal brackets of traditional braces rub inside the lips and cheeks that can often cause sores, and it could scrape the insides of the mouth. Dental wax can be used to remedy this, or a pain killer can be used to numb the pain. But what’s better is not to have it occurring from time to time in the first place.

Invisalign does not have metal brackets that could cause sores or scrape your mouth. Learn more about what’s involved with Invisalign aligners.


Eat Whatever You Like

When you wear traditional braces, you are restricted to certain types of foods. Hard and sticky foods, for example, can damage or break the dental appliance apart. You are restricted to only eating soft foods. If you want a bite of a piece of meat, for example, you would have to cut it into smaller chunks, which can be tedious. These restrictions mostly made patients feel as if they are being punished for making changes to their smile.

With these aligners, you are allowed to eat anything that you like. You won’t worry about getting these aligners damaged when eating as you are required to remove it before you eat. This means that your own teeth will do all the chewing. Just don’t forget to clean your teeth and your aligners before putting it back to place. Learn more about our: Orthodontics


Stay in Sports

Athletic patients usually avoid getting orthodontic treatments because they feel that it can hinder their capability to do well in their sport. It can happen when someone who does basketball or any contact sports that their face can get ripped off when the brackets or wires poked hard at their cheeks and lips. This does not happen often, but people prefer to stay safe than sorry.

With these clear aligners, all they have to do is store it in the case when they practice or play sports. You can give your 100 percent in sports as you won’t worry about anything to rip off your face. Check out all the Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting an Invisalign Treatment.

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Better Oral Hygiene

With traditional braces, cleaning the metal brackets can be quite tedious. The food particles can get stuck in the teeth and in between the brackets. When these are not removed, it can form plaque, and later causes cavities. When you’re not cleaning your teeth properly, these will show off when it’s time to remove the brackets. There will be stains, plaque, and it can even cause gingivitis.

Invisalign doesn’t have this problem because they are removable. When you need to clean your teeth, simply remove the aligners then brush as you would normally. Don’t forget to clean your aligners.

There are many other reasons people prefer Invisalign over traditional methods. This is the best option if you do not want to feel embarrassed wearing those metallic straighteners. It is also a perfect option if you hate spending a lot of time cleaning your brackets. Make an Appointment for Invisalign treatment.

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