Dental Implants for Seniors

Can Dental Implants Benefit Patients if they are 65, 70, or 80?

Loss of teeth is quite common among senior citizens. The tooth loss causes severe limitations on their quality of life, facial aesthetics, and socialization. Dentures which have been used traditionally have the potential to cause severe limitations. Implants are a better option for the aged population as compared to the upper or lower dentures as they are more durable than a partial one or fixed bridge. They have a natural look and feel and do not restrict you from eating anything. They do not need to be removed for cleaning or before heading to bed and most importantly they will not slip or fall off when least expected.

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Requirements For Getting Permanent Dental Implants For Seniors

Regardless of whether it is a single implant which is required, implants for multiple teeth, or a full mouth reconstruction, can be considered as a great choice for replacements of permanent teeth. The sole necessity is a comprehensive medical and dental checkup for the individual undergoing the procedure. The evaluation determines if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. They can provide stable support for dentures because they are firmly attached to the jaw bone. However, if the jaw bone doesn’t have sufficient strength to support them additional measures may be suggested by the dentist. Factors that reduce the immune system of the body such as chronic uncontrolled diabetes and other conditions are generally a factor against implants. A surgical procedure is required for implants and the recovery of the individual may be hampered because of the lack of a strong immune system.


The evaluation is also a necessity to determine whether the jaw bone is of tolerable quality to hold in place under chewing forces. Insufficient bone is not a concern because bone grafts can be conducted for an extra charge. In short, healthy seniors of all ages can get implants for the restoration of their teeth despite them facing longer times for the recovery after the surgery than the younger generation.

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